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If you are interested in German, or the countries where it is spoken,
you should enjoy our club!

Um Informationen auf Deutsch (als PDF) zu lesen, bitte hier klicken.

Be involved in the three sides of Wharfedale German Circle (WGC):

Monthly evening meetings:

Speakers, films, debates, quizzes, music, parties, conversation for Society members and visitors


Wine tasting evening. Click to enlarge
When? Where? What's on?

Student events:

Rambles, visits, meals, treasure hunts, pantomime, with young people from across the globe


Students at Bolton Abbey. Click to enlarge
When? Where? What's on?

Visits to and visitors from Germany:

Minden, Dortmund, Dresden, Berlin, Weimar:
forging friendship links


Frauenkirche Dresden. Click to enlarge.
When? Where? What's on?
To see an overview about the WGC as text in a PDF file, please click here.
The WGC would like to acknowledge Wharfedale Online Trust for hosting this website.
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