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Here you get to know about WGC people...


Our members are all ages, live in the region between Skipton and Leeds/Bradford and all have an interest in the countries where German is spoken.

Many members speak German (from fluent to faltering!), some are native-speakers and some cannot speak it at all. We try to cater for all by having a significant German content at our monthly meetings, but with summaries in English and visual aids to help.

Some members involve themselves in all sides of our club. Some come only to our monthly meetings; others only to our student events.

Membership subscription

Fees due in May each year

Individual: £15

Full-time students: free

For new members joining after mid-November, the fees are half the above rates.

Contact us to become a member



Our student members are local school and college students, plus the assistant language teachers and other students who come from abroad to work in Yorkshire for several months.

Students are welcome to attend all our meetings, not just our student events. Full-time students can attend our monthly meetings free of charge. We sometimes make charges for our student events when catering or transport costs are involved. In contrast to our monthly meetings, which usually have a significant German content, our student events are mostly in English, as the language assistants are from many countries, and may not be German-speakers.

Visitor policy

We welcome visitors to our meetings for a fee of £3 per meeting (students free).

If you visit and then decide, at that meeting, to join the WGC, we deduct your visitor fee from your membership subscription.



Up to 12 members form our committee, which meets every 8 weeks or so to plan the programme of events.

As well as the main roles of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, there is a student-events coordinator, a publicity officer, a minutes secretary, a membership secretary, the newsletter editor, as well as other essential roles.

A separate small committee that plans the student events and liaises with Leeds university in the planning of their events for the assistant language teachers.

Some current committee members. Click to enlarge.

Some of the past and present members of the WGC committee

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