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Current programme (monthly meetings):

  • "Gregor Mendel - Founding Father of Heredity? - And unlikely warrior in the Cold War"

Sun. 18th February 2018, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Dr Kersten Hall, of Leeds University, will talk to us in German with English summaries about Gregor Mendel. Here is his description of his presentation: 'Open a biology textbook and you'll find the 19th century abbot Gregor Mendel hailed as a lone genius. Mendel's research into pea plants, written in German in 1865, is today hailed as being the birth of our modern science of genetics. But if Mendel could somehow be transported from the tranquility of his monastery garden in a corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the 21st century, he would not only be bewildered to see himself lauded with such accolades but also horrified to discover that, thanks to his ideas, scientists in the Soviet Union suffered persecution during the Cold War...'

  • "German food "

Sun. 18th March 2018, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Club member Ellen Boon has been visiting Germany regularly for the last 20 years. In her talk she combines three of her passions: Germany, Photography & Food! She will talk about everything from her first impression of German cuisine right through to regional / seasonal specialities she has tried in both restaurants and German homes and also explain a bit about the background & ingredients of these dishes. There will also be a short quiz. The talk will be in English with some German vocab where appropriate.

  • Celebratory 30th AGM

Sun. 15th April 2018, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

This year is the 30th anniversary of Wharfedale German Circle. After the formal AGM the members will celebrate with some food, drinks, music etc.

  • Austrian Evening

Sun. 13th May 2018, 8pm in the URC Salem Hall, Main Street, Burley in Wharfedale.

Several of the German-speaking foreign language assistant teachers working in west Yorkshire schools this year are from Austria and they would like to share their knowledge of their home country before returning home. The finer details of the evening are still being planned, but may well include a PowerPoint presentation and some Austrian treats.


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Current programme (student events):

These events are for foreign-language teaching assistants and other foreign students of ALL nationalities. We will chat in English at these events, so you can practise colloquial expressions!

  • Wednesday evening 31st January 2018:
    Upstagers' pantomine Aladdin in Ilkley.

There is a very British winter tradition of Pantomime (see the attached notes for more information). This year the Upstagers Group (a young people's theatre group in Ilkley) is performing Aladdin.

Tickets cost £10 (this is the concession price).

This is a "just turn up" event (seats are usually still available on the evening) but if you'd like us to reserve you a seat in advance you can contact us by e-mailing us (wgcircle@gmail.com).

Please arrive in Ilkley by 18.35 and then, from the station, walk across the road and into the Winter Garden (which acts as the box office) and meet us there; the panto itself takes place next door in The King's Hall and starts at 19.15.

  • Saturday 3rd February: A look at Halifax

Halifax is particularly famous for its large Piece Hall, where, in the early days of the Woollen Industry, pieces of cloth were sold. There were several in Yorkshire, but only Halifax's survives and it was renovated last year and now has a museum and shops, cafes etc. have a look online. On the way to the Piece Hall we will show you the minster and other significant buildings in the town, but leave time for you to explore museums and/or shops on your own. For those that wish to do so, there will be chance for us, as a group, to have a drink at a Real Ale pub at the end of the afternoon and then to have a curry (a great Yorkshire tradition, the cost is about £15 for the curry buffet) at about 17.30. 

Meet us at Halifax Railway station at 13.30. There is a train from Leeds at 12.51, it calls at Bradford Interchange station at 13.14 and arrives in Halifax at 13.26. If you come by bus, please note that Halifax bus station is NOT next to the railway station, so allow some time to walk to the railway station when you get off the bus.

This is a just-turn-up event, but if you would like to stay on in Halifax for a curry, please let us know by Wed 31st Jan, so we can book. As usual in winter, please check your e-mail the evening before this event, in case we have to cancel due to bad weather.

  • Saturday 3rd March: Ilkley walk and cakes

Watch this space for more details!

  • Saturday 17th March: A walk from Leeds Univeristy to Roundhay

Meet us on the Parkinson Steps at the front of Leeds University at 11am.

Peter Rice will lead the walk. The route (about 5 miles) follows footpaths and goes through several parks and other green spaces, so that very little of it is along the pavements of built-up streets. Please wear suitable sturdy trainers or boots because it could be muddy. There'll be a chance to stop for a snack lunch at a pub (or bring a sandwich). A cup of tea or coffee will be available in Roundhay.

There are then plenty of buses back to Leeds centre. As usual, you can just turn up for this walk, but it helps us if you can let us know in advance.

For all of these events, it is important to check this website the evening before, in case we have to cancel them because of bad weather.

Click below to see our Facebook page:
WGC Student Events



What else is on?

  • Reading Group:

This meets every few weeks, at Fleur's home in Burley in Wharfedale, to read from and discuss books, short stories and other literature. The group welcomes new members. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 21st February where the topic will be an article by a German reporter in Lagos, Nigeria.

If you would like to take part in this group, please contact us for further details.

  • Sprachcafe:

Language Café at the Lawnswood Arms, Otley Road, Leeds LS16 7PH. Members of local German clubs meet for a coffee and a natter in an informal setting. It's usually on the first Monday of the month between 10am and 12noon and is a chance to speak German and/or listen to the spoken word. Just turn up!

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