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What you can do with Wharfedale German Circle .....

..... to welcome young people to the UK:

Young people from continental Europe and further afield come to Yorkshire every year.

Many of them work as Assistant Teachers in the language classes of local schools from October to June. Some come to work here, perhaps as part of their civilian service. Some stay on to work or do further studies.

At the WGC we welcome them all, not only the German-speaking ones. Many French- and Spanish-speaking students also get involved. The common language is English!

We organise a variety of events for them, often during the day at weekends, and we speak English during them. See below.

Picnic in the Dales. Click to enlarge.


..... that's out and about:

  • Rambles e.g. local moorland and woods, green Leeds
  • Visits to places of interest e.g. Bolton Abbey, Skipton, Hebden Bridge, Cliffe Castle
  • Treasure hunts e.g. around historic Ilkley
  • Bye-bye barbecue in late spring
Click here to see more photos

..... that's "cultural":

  • Pantomime
  • Baking Day


Will I speak/hear only English?

Are there links with Leeds University?

What's the cost?

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What's on?
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