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What you can do with Wharfedale German Circle ....

..... that's informative:

Talks by experts such as Embassy speakers was well as WGC members and other enthusiasts:
  • Current affairs e.g. German elections
  • Local interests e.g. Otley's Teutonic links
  • Artists and their art e.g. German Expressionists
  • Customs and traditions e.g. German weddings
  • History e.g. the Deutschmark 1870 to 2001
  • Travel e.g. what to see in Cologne
  • Debates and discussion groups
Guest speaker. Click to enlarge.

..... that's light-hearted:

  • Films e.g. Die Welle, Das Leben der Anderen
  • Quizzes e.g. Know your Austria, Grand Euro-Quiz
  • Music e.g. our favourite recordings and also live music
  • Parties e.g. Christmas Chocolate Fondue
  • "Bastelabend" before Chrsitmas
Click here to see more photos

..... that's out and about:

  • Summer evening walk: a few miles and then the pub!
  • Wine tasting at a local supermarket
  • Visits e.g. language teaching in a local school
  • Otley Victorian Fayre: our Stollen and Gluehwein stall


Will I speak/hear German?

Can I simply visit a meeting?

What's the cost?

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What's on?
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